Review 500 Competition

Review criteria

500 words or less

How many winners?

1 featured winner, 9 winners

How often does it run?

Every two weeks

Who is it for?

All Into Film Club Members
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What do you win?

Amazon vouchers

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Our Review 500 competition combines film and education to develop literacy, boost attainment and improve critical skills in young people. And until Tuesday 14 December we're running a special Festive edition of Review 500! 

Writing critical reviews of films is a fantastic means of improving young people's writing skills, freeing them to flex their literacy muscles in a way that's fun and focuses on creativity rather than perfecting spelling and punctuation, ultimately helping young people to develop a unique voice of their own.

The Festive edition of Review 500 works in exactly the same way as the regular version - the only difference is that to be eligible for the prizes, we want club members to only review the festive films listed below. Simply encourage club members to post a review on the film page of any of the films below, and we'll pick three of our favourites to win cinema vouchers. Be sure to post reviews on the relevant film page by the end of Tuesday 14 December to be in with a chance of winning!

Once the deadline has passed on Tuesday 14 December, we'll be once more welcoming reviews of any and all films on the catalogue, so if you want to review something not on the list above, be sure to keep it in reserve until after festive Review 500 has ended.

Please note: This competition is only available to Into Film Club members.

Review 500 gives young people the chance to get creative and adds a new dimension to their film watching. Once they've watched a film, encourage your club members to log in and post a review on the relevant film page on the Into Film website. To be eligible for Review 500, reviews should be no longer than 500 words, and all eligible submissions will be judged by the Into Film Team. 

Hearing an explanation of the plot is one thing, but what we'd really like to hear is why you liked the film. How did the film make you feel? What was good about it, what was bad? How would you have improved the film?

For the Festive Review 500, three winning reviews of the festive films list above will be chosen to win cinema vouchers. In the regular competition, which runs year round, a winning review is chosen every fortnight, with the winner receiving a £20 Amazon voucher. Nine runners-up each week will each receive a £10 Amazon voucher, and all the chosen winners will receive a certificate and be entered into a grand draw for a special annual prize.

What's more, all winners will have their entry uploaded onto IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie content, where their review will sit alongside professional film critics from around the world.

We welcome reviews in either English or Welsh language. Check out our Welsh-medium review writing guides. / Cofiwch bod modd adolygu yn Gymraeg neu'n Saesneg a bod modd defnyddio'r anoddau adolygu sydd ar gael yma.

If you have any questions regarding Review 500, please don't hesitate to contact us at

If you want to delve deeper into review writing with your Into Film Club or in the classroom, our Review Writing page collects all of our resources and helpful News and Views articles to help you support young people in developing their literacy skills through review writing.

  1. Review 500 is open to UK residents only.
  2. Entry to Review 500 is exclusive to Into Film Club members.
  3. Entries should not exceed 500 words.
  4. The author of the review must be aged 19 or younger on the date of entry.
  5. Into Film will look to celebrate a variety of winners taking into consideration age, effort and originality.
  6. A new winner will be selected each fortnight.
  7. A winning author each fortnight will be awarded a £20 Amazon voucher. For the Festive edition three winners will win cinema vouchers.
  8. Nine runners-up each fortnight will each receive a £10 Amazon Voucher. There are no runners-up for the Festive edition.
  9. Reviews can be submitted in English or Welsh language.
  10. Further to the above, this competition is bound by the same terms and conditions as outlined below, regarding entry to all Into Film competitions

Terms and Conditions of entry to Into Film competitions.

Review 500 Winners

The Winners

Each week we carefully select up to ten winning reviews from club members across the UK to be featured on the Review 500 winners page. Browse the winners' page to read the cream of the crop!


IMDb supports Review of the Week

Winning reviews are uploaded to IMDb, who help us champion the review writing talents of Into Film Club members. Winning reviews can be found on the External Reviews section of the relevant film on IMDb.

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Reviewer of the year award

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