Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council Applications Open
Youth Advisory Council Applications Open

Applications for our Youth Advisory Council are open

Our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a space for passionate young people aged between 10 and 18 to come together and provide feedback on Into Film's work and take part in fun, film-related activities - and applications are now open!

By joining our Youth Advisory Council, young people will not only get the chance to meet like-minded peers but can also enhance their future employability. Some employers and further education establishments appreciate when young people have been involved with extracurricular activities, as this can show enthusiasm and initiative, and it always looks great on CVs. Becoming an active member of our Youth Advisory Council will help members develop the skills, confidence and experience that employers and education settings look for. Plus, members will get a chance to learn more about screen careers and further develop their interest in something they're already passionate about - the world of film and the screen industries! 

And of course, members of the YAC will have the opportunity to have their voices heard, helping us find out exactly what young people think, and shaping our future offer.

We encourage all young people aged 10-18 who are passionate about film to apply. If that's you, then please download the application form below! And if you're an educator that works with young people in that age bracket, please pass this opportunity on to them and help them take advantage of a fun, valuable and unique experience.

How to apply and Terms & Conditions

Download our Information Pack below to find out more about the Youth Advisory Council and to access the application form. You can either fill in a written application form, or provide your application via video. 

Applications must be received by 10am on Monday 22 July 2024.

Youth Advisory Council Information Pack 2024

Youth Advisory Council Information Pack 2024

Find out all you need to know to apply to join the Youth Advisory Council.

Size: 1.1mb

Applications are open to young people aged 10-18. Those aged 17 or under must have their application submitted by a guardian, teacher or parent on their behalf.

If successful with an application, the young person will be offered a place for one academic year, with the option of staying on for an additional academic year at the end of the first, making it a potential overall placement of two academic years.

We welcome applications in Welsh, and you can find a Welsh version of the application form within the information pack.

Ceisiadau yn Gymraeg - ry'n ni'n croesawu ceisiadau yn Gymraeg felly ewch ati i wneud drwy ddilyn y ddolen (Cais yn Gymraeg) o fewn y pecyn gwybodaeth.

It's the things that you develop whether that's interviewing or reviewing films, being a part of a film jury; they are all unique skills that demonstrate you know, unique abilities and assets to you as an individual and can be an outstanding factor when it comes to applying for future work or education.

Eden Quine-Taylor, a Youth Advisory Council alumna

More about our Youth Advisory Council:

  • Our YAC is made up of five regional councils, to ensure we have representation from all over the UK.
  • You will join an online meeting once a term (with the potential for an in-person meeting each year).
  • We can provide all support needed to help all members access the meetings - whether that be technical support or covering travel costs.
  • You will get the chance to join meetings with other YAC members from across the UK and from your region.

The five regional councils are:

  • England North and Midlands - based in Salford and covering The North and Midlands of England
  • England South - based in London and covering the South East and South West of England
  • Wales - based in Cardiff and covering all of Wales
  • Scotland - based in Edinburgh and covering all of Scotland.
  • Northern Ireland - based in Belfast and covering all of Northern Ireland.

If you have any questions about Into Film's Youth Advisory Council, please contact us via email (via a parent or guardian if you're aged under 18) at:

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