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Full STEAM Ahead filmmaking 2
Full STEAM Ahead filmmaking 2

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Our Curricular Film of the Month competition celebrates the films made to support curriculum learning in classrooms and educational settings across the UK. Filmmaking can be a tremedous method of engaging with the curriculum, and while films that result from curricular learning may not have a home in regular filmmaking competitions, we're keen to shine a light on them and showcase the way learning comes to life through film.

Curricular Film of the Month is open to all educators across the UK that are teaching groups aged 5-19 in any subject. If your students have made a curricular film, then we want to see it! If you're a young person with a curricular film, please ask your teacher to submit it on your behalf. 

Your film can be about any topic you like, as long as it was created to support curriculum learning. You can visit our Curricular Filmmaking page to find further guidance and resources on all aspects of creating curricular films. If you have created a purely genre film, please enter it into our regular Film of the Month competition instead.

Entries are judged by Into Film staff, and guest judges, and are assessed on the teaching and learning, idea, story and look, as well as the creative ability on display.

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We recommend you enter using a desktop computer and an up to date browser

To enter, please complete the entry form. You will then be instructed to upload your film and you will receive confirmation on the upload page when this has been successful. If you are aged 17 or under, please make sure you ask a parent or guardian to complete the entrant details part of the form. Films can be entered by a parent/guardian, teacher or other adult on behalf of a young person or group of young people.

We are looking for the most creative and engaging curricular films, with strong evidence of learning or understanding of a curricular topic. In order to be shortlisted for the judges' consideration, entrants must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be an adult (teacher, club leader, etc) to submit films to the Curricular Film of the Month competition
  • Your students must be aged between 5 and 19 years at the time you are submitting their film (Please note: if a film has been made by a group of young people, the average age of all contributors must be 19 or under)
  • Your film can be as short as you like, but should be no longer than 10 minutes in duration, including titles and credits
  • Any music, video or still images used in the film should be cleared for use by the copyright holder or be copyright free (please refer to the downloadable IP checklist below for more information on this)
  • You must NOT feature the surnames of any young people under the age of 18 anywhere in the film, including the titles and credits. Into Film are committed to the protection and safety of young people, and the addition of surnames in your films can compromise this. If surnames are included in your film, your entry may be disqualified.

We will consider four main criteria when assessing films. Judges will use the following criteria to make their decisions when scoring the selected films:

  • Curricular objective - the film is informative, well researched, and shows evidence of learning/understanding around a specific theme/topic/learning objective
  • Creative learning idea - the film idea supports the theme/topic/learning objective and/or is creative and has been delivered well
  • Look - the use of camera angles, movement, lighting and framing support the theme/topic/learning objective
  • Sound - dialogue/voiceover/music and/or sound effects is used to strengthen the theme/topic/learning objective

Technical ability is important to an extent, but entrants will not be penalised because of any lack of access to equipment or professional support.

The following are NOT eligible for entry to Curricular Film of the Month:

You can view Into Film's full terms and conditions here.

Each term, one winning film will be selected and the young filmmakers will receive an Into Film goody bag, have their film showcased on the Into Film Shorts YouTube channel, and be interviewed for a news article on the Into Film website.

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